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I see a photo opportunity whenever I watch sporting events; it could be the winning feeling of victory, the lows of defeat; an interesting, moment of the battle; the swing of momentum or an expression on the face of an athlete. And that’s where my passion really sparks; I love exploring the beautiful game and photographing the action!

My photography career started when finished playing the game I love and picked up a camera. I have been shooting for the club I have been involved with for over 8 yrs now. Working  for my local club as allowed me to be creative but also helped me to realise that I love capturing sporting moments, my days are so much fun, supporting the team I love and capturing the highs and lows of sport!

I'm self taught and in 2016 has seen me expand my work to include working with my local paper and various rugby administrations.  I loved every minute and have been blessed with many wonderful clients over the course of the past year. 2017 and Beyond will see myself looking to expand my love of photography to help bring the passion of the game to a new level.

Adam Macdonald Photographer

I hope you can see my passion reflected in my photography. If you’d like to know more.



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